Our Transport Assessments have helped our clients to secure favourable planning permissions across all development types.

A Transport Assessment is the key transport-related planning document for all major planning applications. Our reports are produced bespoke for each project  to present the specific issues  and benefits that each site delivers. You don’t get the opportunity to make a first impression twice, so we aim to ensure that our Transport Assessments provide an appropriate level of detail to meet with the requirements of the highway authority and other relevant statutory bodies, such as Highways England and Transport for London.

We are fully conversant with the transport-related requirements of Environmental Statements and regularly provide the appropriate Transport Chapter for input to the main document where the Scoping Opinion confirms that the project falls under the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2011.


Our successful approach to travel planning delivers real benefits to our clients, widening the pool of people who can access their site.

Our significant experience in Travel Plans ensures that the documents are not just fit for planning, but also fit for purpose. A successful Travel Plan will help to add real value to your site by providing end users with a wide range of travel options. 

Our approach will benefit existing site users or expand the pool of potential end users to maximise opportunities to sell development plots or sites, whether they are commercial, residential or retail.


Bringing us in at the early stages of your project allows us to advise on the full-range of access options by all appropriate modes of transport.

A transport Feasibility Study is an important part of any due diligence or viability stage of a project as access is critical factor in the delivery of all sites, large or small.

As well as providing advice on the potential location and type of site access junction, we will also advise on the key opportunities and constraints for all appropriate modes of transport on the local transport networks to help inform the overall strategy for the site moving forward.


Our experience includes 1,000’s of masterplan reviews and swept path analyses. Our input helps improve our client’s schemes for all user groups.

Our input in to the masterplanning of your scheme will ensure that the needs of all user groups are appropriately managed and balanced to give the best overall user experience. We use specialist swept path analysis tools to advise on appropriate layouts for all vehicles types and can model any type of vehicle that your site is required to accommodate. 

Our input includes the optimisation of car parking layouts, gradients for multi-storey developments and accessibility by non-car modes of transport.


We assess all types of road junctions with our specialist assessment software. Our analysis has been approved by Highways England, Local Authorities and Transport for London.

Our traffic assessment work has been approved by local authorities, Highways England and Transport for London in support of development schemes UK-wide. Our specialist traffic modelling software allows us to assess all junction types.

A key part of traffic assessment is being able to competently interpret the results and negotiate cost-effective highway mitigation schemes for our clients. We have a proven track record of successfully negotiating such solutions which deliver benefits for all road users.


Our vast experience of all matters relating to transport sees us supporting our clients in all circumstances from public exhibitions and presentations  to planning inquiry/ appeal.

We have significant experience in all matters relating to transport and support our clients in all forms of public engagement, specialist advisor and professional witness situations.

We are as comfortable speaking with the public, as we are to a planning inspector or the board of directors of our clients or their investment partners. 

Our positive and results-driven attitude is always well received by our audiences.